Security Risk Management

Platform Overview

Harnessing the power of technology
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Technical specifications

Harnessing the power of technology

Global Trends and Challenges

Governments need an effective way to recognize security threats that their nations may be exposed to and to preserve their citizens and national development investments.

Critical infrastructure constitutes the foundation of a country’s national security and economic vitality.


Many of these facilities are innately vulnerable to various attacks. An effective strategy for guaranteeing the security of a country's critical infrastructure and key assets requires comprehensive assessments of these key sites to identify pertinent risks.

Subsequent viable counter-measures are developed to allay the repercussions of an attack or accident. To deliver outcomes that are required to achieve a proportionate and risk-managed approach to security. That enables government business to function effectively, safely and securely.

Our security expertise has been used by governments, international and national organizations, as well as corporations in sectors including energy, water, maritime, aviation and insurance.

Alcyon provide world leading technologies and services in these areas using an established proven terrorism and crime methodology to determine insurance premiums.

Platform Overview

Acumen is a platform for security risk management at national and sub-national levels.

Based on a methodology that merges quantitative and qualitative information, Acumen provides a holistic end-to-end solution to protect governments, international and national organizations, corporations and individuals that need to safeguard their development achievements, growth, assets and investments.

The platform facilitates the gathering of information from internal and external sources in real-time and analyses this according to criticality, vulnerability and consequence of plausible threat scenarios. Acumen then assesses and prioritizes the possible risks by potential gravity, available resources and other criteria per customer preference.

The status of these possibilities is monitored, generating a common operating picture with real-time insights and alerts to changing realities. It then offers solutions and recommendations to reduce, avoid, transfer and accept security risks that facilitates decision-making.

Client Benefits

  • Information collection processing, distribution and management.
  • Constant updates and recommendations according to real-time, on-site changes.
  • Manage a single location or multiple sites from one, easy to use system.
  • Immediate information retrieval, effective, organized and secure storage of vast        amounts of data.
  • Customizable platform, suitable for organizations of all sizes and fields, with        adjustable risk and area prioritization.
  • Fully compliant with the strictest international standards.
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