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Based in Switzerland, Alcyon Risk Advisors SA is an international risk management company that specializes in risk and resilience services. These include providing high quality and tailored solutions for effective security and natural hazard risk management. The services include on-ground risk management, custom solutions, training, technical support and risk consulting that contributes to the overall resilience of a nation.

Customer Centric Approach

The Main Goal of Company

Alcyon’s clients need to safeguard their development achievements, growth, assets and investments. As such Alcyon enables decision makers to identify and prioritize risks and to plan and define a fully integrated approach in implementing risk reduction and mitigation solutions. The goal of this client focused approach is to ensure significant returns on investment for customers.

Our Team

Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company

Alcyon’s exceptional team is composed of internationally recognized experts in risk & crisis management and includes former government and NGO officials, military, police, intelligence experts, lawyers and academics.

Team members have conducted risk management projects for mega events such as the Olympic Games; numerous energy and petro-chemical facilities and other critical national infrastructure, in Europe, the Middle East and Asia; as well as extensive risk management consultancy work for governments.

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Alcyon Company Policy

Alcyon Risk believes that transparency is a core component of efficient and ethical corporate governance; therefore, all business transactions are completely transparent and fully accounted for.
Alcyon is committed to the highest standards of service and works in full compliance with international laws and directives. It is the company's policy to provide a secure working environment for its staff by establishing and maintaining the necessary security measures to prevent unlawful acts, which may endanger the security of persons and property. Alcyon guarantees its commitment on matters of law and security, declaring that all work conducted by its personnel will be effectively supervised in order to comply with international provisions.

Alcyon recognizes the positive impact that sound financial and security management practices have in reducing the threats of criminal activity, and hereby commits to:

  • Observe the national and international laws and regulations regarding criminal risks.
  • Continue and maintain the practice of good management.
  • Safeguard and protect its employees, visitors and its own assets.
  • Conduct a periodic risk assessment with regard to its commercial activities and transactions.
  • Appoint and empower a qualified employee to have overall responsibility for verifying compliance with regulations and to provide support to         fulfill these duties and responsibilities.
  • Cooperate with the relevant national and international authorities and act on their advice.
  • Promote security awareness amongst all employees through comprehensive training.
  • Establish a reporting and recording system for incidents of security breach and forward the information on to the relevant authorities.

Should there be any conflict between the commercial interests of the company and the aims of this security policy, priority will be given to the rules set out in this policy document.

This policy will be revised on a regular basis in order to ensure, that the aims set out are achieved, and that effective monitoring of the procedures and guidelines contained herein is maintained.


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